Top 7 Must Use Backlinks For Every Website In 2021

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Still in 2021 backlinks are on the top three ranking factors of all webmasters and search engines. Google never reveal their full algorithm for page ranking but from many separate announcements and experts, the analysis makes sure that backlink is still one of the most vital ranking factors for Google.

Therefore, every SEO company and expert should make a backlinks strategy very carefully. For that, they must have to clear concept about types of backlinks.

Definition of Backlinks

Backlinks are hyperlinks placed in the web resources to make bonding with other web pages or web resources.

Explanation of Backlinks

If a URL (like of X website is placed on Y webpage then X website gets a backlink from Y website. If people click on the Y webpage then they could visit the X website through that link. This process usually occurred when the Y website thinks the content of the X webpage is useful for their visitors. Backlinks are counted as ‘votes’ or ‘references’ by Google, Bing, Yandex, YouTube, and other search engines.

Here are the 7 most popular and effective types of backlinks.

1. Editorial Backlink

An editorial backlink is a website link that is connected by the editorial team as a mention of reliable & worthy information for their community.


Editorial backlinks are placed in the main body of the webpage. They are non-paid and non-requested references. That’s why they are so valuable for Google and other search engines.

In SEO, editorial backlinks are the best type of backlinks for ranking on SERP.

Here’s some quick way to get editorial backlinks

  • Publish unique and high-quality content.
  • Try to make evergreen content. This will help you to get traffic for a long time.
  • Make several versions of your content like pdf, infographic, video, podcast, etc. That will help you to spread more people from various content platforms
  • Publish content like you are the master of the niche.

2. Guest Post Backlink

Several websites open an offer for other websites to write for them. By taking this advantage some websites create backlinks for their website.

So, the backlinks which are taken in exchange for writing an article as a guest are called guest post backlinks. Sometimes they are called guest blogging backlinks too. Cool, yah!

Here’s some quick way to get guest post backlinks

Step 1

Make a list of those who allow guest posts on their website. Usually ‘write for us’ is the most used keyword for find websites.

Step 2

Contact the website owner or editorial team. And make an argument for your guest post and your website do-follow backlink.

Step 3

Submit your article. Publish your post and get a guest blogging backlink. Boom!

3. Profile Backlink

To create profiles on several platforms, there is mostly left a homepage URL of the website. So, they are some sort of backlinks. These backlinks are usually called business profile backlinks for the website.

Here’s some quick way to get profile backlinks

  • Registering an individual/business account on high authority social media
    Submit to well-known directories
  • Create a profile on the most popular review websites like Yellow Pages, Yelp, Foursquare, etc.


Don’t lose your relevant niche. It’d be hit will be the opposite. Because search engines will recognize these profiles as a good establishment of the business and website.

4. Webinar Backlink

Webinars allow hosting organizations or companies to share ppt files, documentaries, videos, webpages, and other multimedia content for the audiences.

Websites could be referred to on the web conferences and get promoted to audiences. This type of backlink is called a webinar backlink.

When a speaker shares a website URL then many people from the audience visit that page. This traffic is relevant to the website niche. That’s why webinar backlink is one of the topmost ideal backlinks in the digital industry.

Here’s some quick way to get webinar backlinks

  • Share your website links and other content at the webinar meeting. Make a piece of good information around your content.
  • Use blog promotion to attract the audience
  • Guest blog posting can help promote your brand on other webinars.

5. Free-tool Backlinks

Sometimes offering a lite version of the premium tool promote the website. This makes a relationship between the users and the website via the tool.

For example, a free electronic stamp maker is a tool that helps some rubber stamp makers.

Enjoyers get used to the tool and they come back when they need the service the next time. This relation is very important for building a reputation. I call it an ‘asset’ for any business company or organization.

Here’s some quick way to get free-tool backlinks

  • Create a simple and free tool that can help some people.
  • Make a lite version of your paid tool which is free for people
  • Additionally, you can use guest post outreach for promoting the tools.

6. Acknowledgment Backlinks

When the website editorial team directly refers to another website and gives an outbound link that is called an acknowledgment backlink.

By and large, these backlinks are sponsored links. For this reason, they got very little description of the reference.

Another noticeable point for the acknowledgment backlink is they are not well relevant to the content. These links are usually getting straight mentions.

Here’s some quick way to get acknowledgment backlinks

  • Make a list of the websites that publish acknowledgment backlinks.
  • Contact the owner of the referral website and make them convince

7. Guest Post Bio Backlinks

Some websites allow guest posts on their platform but do not give a backlink to the main content body. But as the editor of the content, there is an opportunity to put backlinks on the editorial portfolio. These kinds of links are called guest post bio backlinks.

Though this kind of backlink is not worthy as the links of the main content body are still having some good impact on website ranking.

Google gives a little amount of positive juice for guest post bio backlinks. Therefore, experts suggest not to avoid these kinds of backlinks.

Here’s some quick way to get guest post bio backlinks

Add the desired URL on your guest post editorial profiles.

In conclusion, you can see that, there are several types of backlinks around. The best backlinks for you depend on your website condition, niche, and other factors. Hopefully, our article helps you.

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