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Best Local SEO Service In Bangladesh - Search Engines Monster

Do you know how many local searches are done every month? Worldwide it is around 97 billion!

This clearly indicates that every month people face 97 billion problems and they Google for solutions. The number for Bangladesh is not ignorable and here comes the essence of local SEO service in Bangladesh.

You are reading this post that’s means you provide at least one solution for them. And you want to establish a path toward your business. So that people can discover you easily.

Here Search Engines Monster is for you to promote the company with the best local SEO service in Bangladesh.

In this 21st century, the demand for regional business has also increased in Bangladesh. Undoubtedly, now those who neglect local SEO will have to pay the price in the next few years.

What Is Local SEO Marketing From The Point Of View Of A Business Owner?

A local search engine marketing is a set of digital marketing strategies that promote a physical business online in a certain geographical area.

A good practice of local SEO ensures that the business profiles are found for the most relevant local searches on the search results.

what is local search engine optimization service in bangladesh

Businesses that normally have face-to-face transactions between buyers and sellers are covered by this digital marketing service. This service also applies to businesses that do not have a store or office but provide services in a specific area.

It does not matter your business in Bangladesh is a single location or multiple locations based are both covered by the local SEO marketing service. Even if the retaliation is going on all over the country, still covered by this service.

The main focus of the local SEO is to increase the visibility of local businesses on their provided service area(s). So that customers can learn more about the company or storefront online. A good quality strategy makes any unknown organization close to the world a local brand.

Eventually, the whole wave is stabilized through buying and selling.

Why Does Local SEO Matter In Bangladesh?

Currently, the most return of investment (ROI) businesses online are the local ones. In statistics says that 88% of buyers journey starts from online searches. That indicates that if your business profile is not on the web then the possibility of reaching the customers will be reduced to 88%. That’s insane, right?

Let’s check some other stats. An entrepreneur should know about them.

  • “Where to buy” and “near me” mobile-based Google searches have increased by over 200% in the past two years.
  • 92% of customers on Yelp are searching for a local business they can return to.
  • 93.4% of consumers said that they read other customer reviews before purchasing from an unfamiliar digital retailer.
  • 60% of consumers turned them away for negative reviews.
  • 97% of searchers discover a local company via the internet.
  • 76% of people who search for something nearby on their smartphone visit a related business within a day, and 28% of those searches result in a purchase.

Still, confused about the importance of Local search engine marketing for your local business in Bangladesh?

Internet user statistical data of Bangladesh 2021 related to local SEO and local business

Then let’s look at some internet-based statistics of Bangladesh.

  • In January 2021 there were 78 million internet users in Bangladesh. Which is 46.1% of the whole population of the country.
  • There are 7.7 million new internet users added between 2020 and 2021 in Bangladesh. Which is +19% from the last year.
  • Bangladesh got 28.8% Internet penetration in January 2021
  • There are 45 million social media users in Bangladesh in January 2021.
  • 9 million new social media users were added between 2020 and 2021 in Bangladesh. Which is +25% from the last year.

Afterward, this is crystal clear that Bangladesh has a great opportunity to grow local business with an online presence. Since day by day in Bangladesh internet becoming more reasonable and easier to use than the opportunity for business owners must be the groom in there.

What Kind Of Business Does Local SEO Service Apply In Bangladesh?

Every product or service that provides in a specific geographical area is applied to local SEO. It doesn’t matter you have a single shop or your business covers a couple of cities, you can get benefit from local SEO.

local business types in Bangladesh in order to local SEO service

Brick and mortar businesses

In short, brick-and-mortar businesses are those that have a physical store(s) to sell their products. Brick and mortar businesses have two subcategories.

1. Single location

When a business is run from only in a single store or office then they are categorized in a single location business. This type of business is usually face-to-face business. Customers need to visit the store to get the product. So they have a specific address of the store.

By local SEO marketing, we can boost your store address, query telephone number, and product details on the web. Especially around the area where customers usually live.
In this process, day by day your customers will familiar with the store and the possibility of purchasing will grow many times.

2. Multi-location business

If a business runs with more than one location across a country then they are called a multi-location business. There should be one or more than one type of product they produce and sell.

By local SEO marketing, we will take care of every single store and product.

Businesses without a physical address

There are several businesses in the society that don’t have any stores. They provide services by visiting the home or office. Like plumbing services, roof cleaning services, electricians, etc.

Some stores are only available on the internet. Customers visit the online stores, choose a product, order them and the company delivers that to the customers’ house.

All those businesses without physical addresses must need local SEO marketing services.

Invest In Local SEO Gives A Lot Of Good Results For Those Businesses Industries In Bangladesh

We already know about the categories and subcategories of the regional business that they need to use local SEO services for their business. Here is a list of the specific niche industry that they can get the maximum return of investment from local SEO services in Bangladesh.

We prepare this list based on Bangladeshi culture, people’s interests, economical structure, and needed of daily life. We use many recent and valid governmental and non-governmental statistical data to make the list.

They typically receive an enormous opportunity to deliver a massive profit by investing in hiring SEO services, and the most to undoubtedly lose by neglecting it.

  1. Automotive
    a) Auto Accessories
    b) Auto Dealers – New & Used
    c) Carwash, Service, Repair & Parts
    d) Motorcycle Sales & Repair
  2. Business Support & Supplies
    a) Office Supplies
    b) Printing & Publishing
  3. Construction & Contractors
    a) Building Materials & Supplies
    b) Construction Companies
    c) Electricians
    d) Plumbers
  4. Food
    a) Desserts, Catering & Supplies
    b) Fast Food & Carry Out
    c) Grocery, Beverage & Tobacco
    d) Restaurants
  5. Health
    a) Clinics & Medical Centers
    b) Dental
    c) Diet I& Nutrition Laboratory, Imaging & Diagnostic
    d) Mental Health
    e) Pharmacy, Drug & Vitamin Stores
    f) Physical Therapy
    g) Social Worker
  6. Home & Garden
    a) antiques & Collectibles
    b) Cleaning
    c) Crafts, Hobbies & Sports
    d) Flower Shops
    e) Home Furnishings
    f) Home Goods
    g) Home Improvements & Repairs
  7. Merchants
    a) Cards & Gifts
    b) Clothing & Accessories
    c) Department Stores, Sporting Goods
    d) Jewelry
    e) Shoes
  8. Personal care & services
    a) Barber & Beauty Salons
    b) Beauty Supplies
    c) Exercise & Fitness
    d) Tailors
  9. Real Estate
    a) Apartment & Home Rental
    b) Property Management
  10. Travel & Transportation
    a) Hotel, Motel & Extended Stay
    b) Packaging & Shipping
    c) Transportation
    d) Travel & Tourism
  11. Others
    a) Agricultural business
    b) Books, Magazines & Newspapers
    c) Textiles
    d) E-commerce Business
    e) Software development & selling

Do You Really Need Expert Local SEO Services For Business In Bangladesh?

The answer is Yes.

If you provide a service or product then you must need local SEO services.

Get local SEO service in Dhaka Bangladesh right now.

Almost every business in Bangladesh can get benefited economically from Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. If you offer a service or direct product, there is always someone outside who is eagerly searching for a proposal. The challenging part is discovering those potential people/organizations for the business. And this is where Search Engines Monster helps.

Not only in Bangladesh but also worldwide every business wants to grow organically. As a result, every business requires a digital promotional campaign. The best local SEO service providing company Search Engines Monster is the best platform to run effective internet marketing campaigns.

With the powerful SEO tactics set up, we make websites ranked on Google’s search result page. When potential customers looked into that keywords on Google, they will instantly discover profiles on the result page. It will naturally draw them towards your lucrative offers.


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When You Hire Search Engines Monster for Local SEO Services In Bangladesh?

If you run a business in Bangladesh then, already think at least once about promoting business with local SEO marketing. And as well think that may be you don’t need to promote right now. You should try something else by yourself. You probably read some articles and watch some videos on YouTube about optimization strategies and maybe trying to promote business on your own.

Let’s talk about some factors that will help you to decide to get a local SEO service right now or not.

You are not in Google three-pack result

Google 3-pack is the heart of local business online. If you are not in Google 3-pack then you should be tensed about it. Because this is directly related to the ‘near me’ searches. People want to take the product which they referred by google. So, if profiles are not in 3-pack then you are not recommended by Google.

No question about the best local SEO service in Bangladesh is Search Engines Monster

How a local SEO company can help you: If you are not getting a sufficient amount of traffic from Google. That means you are not in a good position on Google map and SERP. This happens lacks many unprofessional tactics and strategies.

A local SEO company can help you to find out all the issues and fix them. They go through your website background and check the coding sections, modify UI/UX, place the appropriate metadata for Google and your customers. They also check your web elements, place the keywords in the proper position, use semantic keyword phrases so that Google started to like your website.

This will get your website a good rank in SERP and Google Maps.

Your website content is outdated

You know that Google loves updated content. Commonly, business owners try to update web content on their own. But under the pressure of other work, they don’t get the chance to do it.

As a result, your content is getting older and you’re falling behind. This cycle goes forever.

How a local SEO company can help you: Leave it to the local SEO company. They know when and how to update web content. They can update web content and profiles whenever needed. This will lead the website as more active and updated for both Google and visitors.

You are not getting ranked for ‘near me’ searches

You try to optimize for ‘near me’ searches but that not working. You are still far behind your competitors. Customers can’t reach you by searching ‘near me’ keywords for your products and services. Now you need to hire a local SEO company.

How a local SEO company can help you: There are so many factors that depend on ranking for the ‘near me’ searches. Project to project vary. As a fancy SEO staff, this is so tough to pick the right strategy to optimize.

A professional local SEO company like Search Engines Monster can handle them very carefully. They analyze the current situation, find out the problems, research competitors and make a strategy. This will definitely improve ranking.

Do not get the expected profit

If you are tired to get behind the profit, at least the expected result. Then you must consult a local SEO company. They will help you to set an achievable goal and work for you to full fill that.

Invest in a Local SEO company and return a handsome amount of profit.

Why Search Engines Monster Is The Best Local SEO Company In Bangladesh?


We will tell you what we should be operating to perform for the growth of your business in Bangladesh. Therefore, you will be aware of the path to success. Here some major points need to include almost all campaign:

  • Performing professionally an audit for website about landing page, traffic, content
  • Delivering a monthly report for the site rankings
  • Implementing internal linking across webpages


This is a rare case that a business that contains all good qualities for success. There should be a mixture of some negative and some cool factors for gaining the ultimate result. We tell what is good and what is bad. And then we’ll offer how to reduce the negative effects and how your company makes more productive.

We have expert SEOs team

We surely improve the ranking. Because we have an experienced and expert SEO team.

Latest local SEO strategies

We implement all the latest and proven techniques what is the best for independent business concerning the Bangladesh market.

We use world-class digital marketing tools

Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, Google Pagespeed Insight, Google Rich Result, GT Metrix, SEO Site Checkup, and many more world-class SEO tools we use for our active campaigns.

Result making local SEO service

All our methods are ethical and nothing but legit techniques. You should probably know Search Engines Monster is very much familiar with the top white hat SEO company in Bangladesh.

Proper communication

When you hire us as an SEO consultancy company, then we will maintain a schedule to communicate. But that’s not binding to contact us. If you look for any kind of support from us, feel free to contact us 24hr a day.

Great flexibility

Every project considers a unique purpose, and they all obtain an independent way of a moto. We are strictly aware of that and carefully set up our ultimate goal rendering to that.

No compromise with Google Webmaster Guidelines

Search Engines Monster is very strict about following every Google Webmaster Guideline. So that our work always remains user and google friendly.

Our Local SEO Campaigns Working Process

Search Engines Monster is the best local SEO service provider company in Bangladesh. We follow the international standard process of maintaining an SEO campaign. We segmented our working process into 4 (four) sectors.

1. Inquiry

At first, we will discuss the business. Until we get the details about the product, company, and competitors, we will not be able to give our best service. So, in this stage, we are going to ask some common questions and try to learn about your strength and weakness.

Usually, we need to know:

  • What makes your product unique to customers?
  • How will customers get value from your product(s) or service(s)?
  • Who are your customers? Let me know about them.
  • How does your business make money, and how can search results help?
  • Are you using any other promoting method?
  • Who are your competitors now?

2. Setting up goal(s)

Based on the information and demand we will set an achievable goal.

3. Strategy making

Then we make a perfect strategy that can lead us to our goal. Our complete strategy list will be given to you in writing.

4. Monitoring and monthly reporting

Every month we provide a complete report for the campaign.

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Professional Native Search Engine Optimization Services in Bangladesh With Positive Results

Our Local SEO Service checklist. Which is the best local SEO strategy in Bangladesh.

Local SEO audit and consultation

Search Engines Monster runs a local SEO audit to understand the current state of your website. We find out what is current local ranking is Google My Business statistics, and reviews. On the website, we check keyword placement, elements visualization, landing page insights. We also determine visibility on the search results compare to your competitors and create a benchmark so that we can make you in a safe zone if you previously got any penalty.

Local Keyword research and strategy

Keyword research is the most critical part of any SEO campaign. Nominating a wrong keyword can sink an entire company. So, we make the most suitable seed keyword (local) list for business and sent it to you for confirmation.

When we run keyword research we usually keep in mind your service location, product, competitors’ keywords, and most importantly customers’ interest.

Google My Business and Bing Places management

Google My Business (GMB) & Bing Places are the heart of local SEO. We offer professionally maintain those listings. Mostly Bing Places is not allowed in Bangladesh but GMB optimization is the hot cake for making local customers. We create the profile, optimize logo, banner, video, business hours, holidays, business phone number(s), address, primary services, secondary services, posts, offers, and many more of Google My Business.

NAP and NAHP citation for best local SEO service in Bangladesh

NAP is the abbreviation of Name, Address, and Phone Numbers and NAHP is the abbreviation of Name, Address, Hours, and Phone Numbers. This business information is very important on local SEO. They are a major ranking factor of google’s 3-pack ranking. We offer proper NAHP citation for your business.

Domain optimization

Search Engines Monster provides domain optimization for your business websites. The domain optimization process includes SEO-friendly URL optimization, localized keyword placements, meta description, meta title, and many more.

Technical SEO optimization

Let us do the backend SEO for your website. Local schema, local structured data, crawlability, indexing, crawl budget, metadata, and many more.

On-page SEO optimization

On-page SEO optimization is a set of activities that website visitors can hook to your website and make sure they return for the next time. In local SEO the main task is for on-page optimization is to make a visitor convert a customer or buyer. This increases your leads to the website.

Link building

There are a few differences between local SEO backlinks and traditional backlinks. In the local SEO, there must be a priority to local websites reference. Avoiding spammy and money websites is not an easy task, but we do that very strong handy. Search Engines Monster provides only white hat SEO for our clients. That’s the reason for our huge reputation.

Local directory submission

Local directories are important to local SEO ranking. Google loves to find the signals from local directories towards your website. We provide the service for ensuring your presence in every local directory.

Review management

According to Statuslabs, 60% of consumers turned them away for negative reviews. So, don’t forget to maintain your all reviews. We offer to maintain your reviews on GMB, LinkedIn, Facebook page, and website stores.

Mobile usability

Google webmaster is now indexed as mobile-first. Also, customers are more reliable on mobile rather than web machines for local purchases and inquiries. Therefore, we always make sure that your website is mobile-friendly.

Content writing for your local business

Contents are the bridge between your product and customers. At the awareness stage of buyers’ journey, people search for loyal and informative content. Search Engines Monster provides the best quality content writing service in Bangladesh. As a Bangladeshi company, they are very expert to hack the local customers’ demands and hook them to buyers.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Brand improvement steps for local businesses in Bangladesh used by Search Engines Monster

In local businesses trust is an important part of the growth of a business. Customers in Bangladesh try to avoid buying from ‘unknown’ companies. And you can become familiar only with online reputation management (ORM). We can help you to build your reputation online and making you a Brand in your service area.

Calls-To-Action (CTA)

We know the goal isn’t just to get website visitors to the site. Every business needs to convert them as a customer. Without CTA no websites can get leads. Let us make powerful calls to action and placed them for relevant locations.

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Why Choose Us As Professional Local SEO Service Provider in Bangladesh

The vast majority of business owners in Bangladesh heard about search engine optimization (or SEO) as of now. However, some of them consider barely familiar with how significant it is for long-term achievement.

We have a good number of reputation

The core objective of Search Engines Monster is Quality, Honesty, Trustworthy. And we are always strict in that. We have a good reputation in the SEO industry not only in Bangladesh but also worldwide. As a good result maker and transparency, we are familiar with the whole country.

We are experienced in the local SEO industry

We have an excellent skilled and experienced SEO team. This team successfully completed 100+ local campaigns.

We boost sales – Not just website visitors

We funnel search intent and convert unique visitors to potential buyers. In this effective method, many Bangladeshi website traffic could be efficiently converted to the local buyer. So, Search Engines Monster can expand sales with traffic.

Long-term benefit & proportional development of local business

Leading search engine marketing precious is not a short-term process. As it takes time to make good results also, it is long-lasting development for any successful business. And the growth rate always becomes more towering and higher.

Search Engines Monster is specialized in organic local SEO. So, in the long term, the chance of benefiting from us is 99.9%.

We use the world’s best SEO tools

Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, SEMrush, Ahrefs, Moz, Google Pagespeed Insight, Google Rich Result, GT Metrix, SEO Site Checkup, and many more world-class SEO tools we use for our active campaigns.

We avoid black-hat SEO techniques

Search Engines Monster aware of online scams and spams. They always avoid the black hat techniques and apply the proven strategies.

We use the latest & most effective SEO strategies for every local campaign

SEO is a fast-developing industry. There always raise new facts and algorithm updates. So, SEO actions are always become updated. Our professional local SEO expert team is aware of that and they use the latest techniques for the campaigns.

Best White Hat Local SEO Service Provider Company In Bangladesh – Search Engines Monster

The core objective of Search Engines Monster is Quality, Honesty, Trustworthy. Those who have joined us once know that we are incomparable in terms of integrity. In the SEO method, we always use white hat techniques.

  1. On the backend of the website, we use alt text on every image, crawlable links are <a> tags with an href attribute, use sitemaps and robot.txt and make sure the website can crawl with the help of Google search console tool.
  2. We make sure that Google can clearly understand your website. We make the website information-rich and white pages only. <title> attributes, local schema, structured data are used properly as needed. We make use of rel=”nofollow” and rel=”sponsored” for sponsored links or advertisements.
  3. We don’t just think for Google, we create websites for users. We always recommended clients to use SSL certificates for their websites, alternative text for every image, ensuring that website can be run for every browser and should be responsive for different devices. We know visitors don’t like delayed loading of the web pages. So, we always work on the fastest loading speed of the website.
  4. There are various kinds of black hat and gray hat tricks in the SEO industry. But we always avoid them. We focus on quality.

Search Engines Monster believes only quality makes the ultimate success. And we are strict with that.

Where Do Local Search Results Show?

There are mainly three sections where Google featured local results.

1. Google three-pack results

Local queries visible in Google local pcak

When someone makes a query then Google shows a list of results in a box. These results company name, direction, opening hours, users rating within 5. This result box is called Google’s three-pack result on the search result page.

2. Organic search results

Local queries visible in Google organic blue links

There are always 10 blue links on the SERP. For local queries, these 10 blue links are organic search results. Good local SEO service also makes a position on the organic search results.

3. Google Map

Local queries visible in Google Map

People make searches on Google maps to get a quick lead to buy. In that’s way, local business can be shown in the local search results.

Proven Local SEO Ranking Factors 2021

Google three-pack/ Local pack ranking factors

  1. Google My Business Signals. Like clear information about the store, business category, users rating, and review, etc.
  2. Link Signals i.e., linking domain authority, backlink quality, anchor text, and references.
  3. Review Signals i.e., customers given to review, quantity, diversity, etc.
  4. On-Page Signals i.e., keywords placement, domain trust, mobile-friendly, NAP existence, etc.
  5. Citation Signals i.e., presence of local directories, NAP consistency, reference volume, etc.
  6. Behavioral Signals i.e., CTR, CTA check-ins, etc.
  7. Social Signals

Localized organic ranking factors

  1. Link Signals
  2. On-Page Signals
  3. Behavioral Signals
  4. Google My Business Signals
  5. Citation Signals
  6. Review Signals
  7. Social Signals

Our Best Local SEO Service Packages & Pricing

Our Best Local SEO Service Packages & Pricing in Bangladesh

Honestly, we do not have any specific package for our local SEO campaigns. Because every campaign is different. So, a package with the same price for everyone – doesn’t make sense.

You already know that there are many factors why the price of each campaign is different. As like:

  • What is your business niche?
  • How many keywords do you want to rank for?
  • How many locations do you need to promote?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Do you need content writing support? How many words in monthly?
  • Do you need GMB optimization support?
  • How many products do you need to promote? Etc.

So, your campaign price should be different from others. to find out how much your campaign will cost please use the form below.

We make a query form so that we can determine the monthly package and price for your campaign. We usually reply via email within 3 (three) working days with the detailed price.

We provide a free SEO audit report for your website with the email.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you offer local SEO in Dhaka, Bangladesh?
    Yes. We provide a local Search Engine Optimization marketing service in Dhaka Bangladesh. We also provide in Sylhet, Rajshahi, Rangpur, Khulna, Chittagong, Barisal, Mymensingh in Bangladesh.
  • Can I get a custom local SEO service from Search Engines Monster?
    Yes. Please check our custom SEO service list and choose whatever you need.
  • What is the minimum number of months I can contract?
    We make a deal with at least 4 months and a maximum of 12 months. We called it the ‘First Phase’.
  • What happens when the ‘First Phase’ deal expired?
    If you want to continue with us then we will set the next goal make another deal with you. And if you don’t want to go through with us then there will be no legal binding between client and Search Engines Monster.
  • Do you make monthly payments?
    Yes. For the full package of a local SEO campaign, we make a monthly bill. And we expect the clearance of the bill within the running month.
  • How long does local SEO take?
    Local SEO is a long-term method. Usually, it takes 4 to 12 months to get the expected result. But in our experience, we saw sometimes the result comes in very soon and sometimes it took more than 1 year.
  • How can I communicate with Search Engines Monster?
    Clients can reach us via direct phone call, Email, Discord, Slack, WhatsApp. Ping us with your comfort medium.
  • Do I get 24hrs support?
    Yes. We provide 24 hours support for running campaigns.
  • How do I know if my campaign improving?
    We provide a monthly detailed report of the local SEO campaigns. On the report, there will be a clear indication of the progress bar. You can determine your progress on the report sheet.
  • Is Search Engines Monster the best local SEO company in Bangladesh?
    By completing a ton of successful local SEO campaigns and years of experience we can loudly say that we are one of the best local SEO service providers in Bangladesh.