Google Search Spam Algorithm Update On June 23rd 2021

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Google Search Spam Algorithm Update 2021

Google Search Liaison Danny Sullivan announced on Twitter, Googles’ annual spam filtering update is done on 23 June 2021. This update will be completed in two steps. The first phase was completed on June 23, and it will be ended up next week.

Details of the Googles’ spam algorithm update 2021

Google always tries to develop its search results for the help of the users. In this continual process, Google delivers an update on spam filtering. This is not a core update. As we know, completing Google’s core update goes through several days but this spam update didn’t take likewise long. The first phase of the update was completed on 23rd June 2021.

There are remains another phase for this regular spam update and it will complete the next week. Google SearchLiaison confirms on its verified Twitter account by posting a tweet. He tweeted,

“As part of our regular work to improve results, we’ve released a spam update to our systems.”

In the tweet, he mentions this is a part of search result improvement work. The update was presented and included in the system on 23rd June 2021. Liaison on top added a link and a video to his tweet. The link and video transmit an idea that how google works against spamming to protect the users. But there are nothing details about the 23 rds spam update.

Liaison Sullivan also announced in another tweet that, the active process of spam filtering update will be completed in the next week. He also says he will let the people know by tweet again.


Google fight for search spam

From the very beginning, Google fights against the webspam and tries to protect the users. But Google also acknowledged that they cannot do it only by themselves. They require help from the users to fight against spam, scam, and hackers.

In a statement Google says, they discover 40 billion spam every day. These spams happen in many different ways. But now Google can detect them with the help of its AI (artificial intelligence) system.

Google reduced 80% of auto-generated and scrapped content from the web in 2020. Google removed 50% of hacked spam webpage from the web in 2020. They also try to detect phishing sites with their algorithm and search console tool.

Many of us don’t know that Google has a spam report form that people can easily make a sound against any spammy webpage or content using this spam report form.

2nd Part Of Google Search Spam Algorithm Update 2021


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