Google Now Says Page Experience Update Is More Than A Tiebreaker Ranking Factor

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Google Now Says Page Experience Update Is More Than A Tiebreaker Ranking Factor

Google’s John Mueller stated on Reddit this morning that the page experience update that includes top Web Vitals is more than just a tiebreaker ranking signal. He said: “This is a ranking factor. It is not just a tiebreaker, but it cannot replace correlation.”

This is a surprising messaging change because Google hinted that the page experience update was a tiebreaker in the past. Google’s Gary Illyes said the page experience update won’t be too intense and maybe more of a decisive game signal than a real big event. Google’s John Mueller stated that this won’t be as drastic as other Google updates, adding that it will be a slow rollout without much of a sensation. Google’s Danny Sullivan said the launch won’t bring any big changes.

So I guess it is somewhere between the tiebreaker signal and the very low weight signal? This is why John said on Reddit “but it can’t replace correlation”. John explained:

Depending on the sites you work on, you might notice it more, or you might notice it less. As an SEO, a part of your role is to take all of the possible optimizations and figure out which ones are worth spending time on. Any SEO tool will spit out 10s or 100s of “recommendations”, most of those are going to be irrelevant to your site’s visibility in search. Finding the items that make sense to work on takes experience.

The other thing to keep in mind with core web vitals is that it’s more than a random ranking factor, it’s also something that affects your site’s usability after it ranks (when people actually visit). If you get more traffic (from other SEO efforts) and your conversion rate is low, that traffic is not going to be as useful as when you have a higher conversion rate (assuming UX/speed affects your conversion rate, which it usually does). CWV is a great way of recognizing and quantifying common user annoyances.

Since it is a sad part, he saw changes in the classifications in June and July, saying that he is analyzing the classification of updates of the page experience and the Valiasal of the Central Web, and is the June core update, can Be related to the main updates of June or other recent updates. We denounced many things to update the experience of the page began on June 15 from the end of this month.

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