Google Explains The Importance of GMB for Local SEO

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Google Explains Importance of GMB for Local Search - search engines monster

There is boundless importance of GMB in local SEO. But do we assuredly know how much important GMB is for local queries?

John Mueller from Google enlightened about the local queries, informational queries, and mostly how should GMB used for local search engine optimization.

Google answered a question about the SEO difference between information search queries and specific community service queries. Mueller responded to this question and then explained what a local SEO company needs to do to rank in local search queries, emphasizing the importance of Google My Business (GMB).

Difference between local service and informational search queries

A “local search query” is a search question that someone enters Google when searching for a service or store in their geographic area. Examples of local search services could be plumbers, restaurants, retail shops, or lawyers. At intervals, it is mentioned with the location e.g., flower stores in Dhaka, hotels in NYC, etc.

Information search queries are the keywords in which search engines try to uncover material for users. Examples are movie teasers, product reviews, or instructions on how to cook French fries.

Question: “Is SEO different for local versus informational webpages?”

The question is what is the difference between local search query and information page query in terms of SEO.

The questioner’s idea seems to be that the search intent is different, so the SEO of the two queries must be different.

“How different is SEO for a product or service page than a normal article? For example, for keywords like “piano classes near me,” the user intention would be to find a service rather than a solution?”

Answer: “SEO for local and informational intent essentially the Same.”

google how to rank local searchJohn Mueller from Google responded that when it comes to the page itself, the same SEO considerations apply regardless of whether the page is used for local services or information pages.

This may seem surprising at first, but then it explained the important difference to promoting local search pages, and the answer is more significant.

Mueller pointed out that the SEO of content is the same:

“It’s essentially the same. I don’t think we do anything different concerning these different kinds of pages. But rather we try to find the content on the page, understand how it’s relevant, and treat that appropriately.”

So I think you are talking about SEO considerations, such as title tags, meta descriptions, title usage, page content, and even structured data are the same between web pages optimized for local search queries. And pages optimized for information-rich search queries.

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Instructions for promoting Local business

John Mueller next discusses how to improve the difference of local pages.

“The one thing… to kind of mention here as well is it sounds like what you’re looking at is a local service or local business, essentially.

And for that, I would make sure that you really have a really strong Google My Business entry set up.

Because that’s something that can be shown a little bit easier in the search results for queries like this.

And in particular, queries that include something like “near me,” it’s not that you need to rank for “near me” because near me is essential, like… global.

It’s not something specific on your website.

But rather what you need to do there is just make sure that you have your location very clearly defined on your pages so that we can recognize this location is associated with your website or with this page and the user is in that location.

Therefore any query that includes “near me” we can apply, kind of, this geographic distance algorithm to figure out like these are actually results that are near them and they match what they were looking for.

So that’s something to keep in mind there.”

Google My Business (GMB) is important for every local business

Subsequently, Mueller emphasized the importance of setting up a “Google My Business” profile.

“With Google My Business set up, you automatically have a location specified anyway.

So it’s a little bit easier there.

But having all of that combined makes it a lot easier for us to actually understand this is a local result, and the user is local and they’re looking for something local, therefore we should highlight this better in search.”

Same on-page SEO techniques for both local and informational contents

google mueller local searchUser intent seems to make a difference between the local search query and the SEO of the information site. But in reality, what you have to do is very similar.

One thing to remember is that if a business is listed on Google My Business (GMB), it must be a local business.

GMB for local SEO may not be suitable for companies with domestic and/or global customers. What can happen is that the site may disappear from the search engine results page (SERP) to search engines outside of the service area indicated in the GMB profile.


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