Top Solutions to Promote Digital Business Development

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Top Solutions to Promote Digital Business Development

Digitalization is the modern trend of businesses. So it requires focusing on finding solutions to promote the efficiency of digital business. So how can evolve to digitize the customer experience to reduce bottlenecks, accelerate digital transformation, and deliver on new safety requirements?

5 SMART goals to focus on and 5 premises: 

  • Focus and promote digital transformation investment for the ever-changing needs of customers.
  • Reduce the burden on employees and IT departments during digital transformation.
  • Business improvement.
  • Digitize and modernize workflow and skills to drive growth
  • Increase organizational flexibility and expand the business to achieve efficiency.

The goals include:

Apply No-code Programming 

As businesses revive their management momentum and prepare to accelerate development, they need to re-evaluate their resource management strategies comprehensively and prepare a working environment that applies technology. End-to-end numbers for the post-Covid-19 period. For example, the way employees work, the tools needed to increase productivity, ability to interact at work.

The amateur programmer (no coding knowledge needed but can still program) is a step forward that allows digital transformation in this urgent period. As the burden of IT departments – professional programmers – increases, codeless programming helps building applications without specialized knowledge.

Anyone can be a non-professional programmer who has no programming knowledge. But can still build applications for many other people to use. They do not work and report directly to the IT department. They can use the No-code platform tool approved by the department.

By turning to a codeless programming system, businesses can reduce some burdens like IT departments, quickly create applications for specific tasks, allowing employees to develop their applications to help them. Access to information faster but still ensure confidentiality, and link different parts.

Thereby empowering departments and divisions; encouraging them to embrace the innovations of this period, and support their growth and development without the need to be present at work all the time.

If you are interested in No-code programming, you can refer to the services on the no-code programming platform. There are many packages for you to sign up for, moreover, there are many discount codes, coupons that will save you a lot of money when you sign up for these services.

Automate and Super Automate Instantly

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned everything upside down. A report states that the Business Process Automation market is predicted to be $10 billion in the pre-COVID forecast with a CAGR of 10% compound annual growth. That number has increased to 14.3%.

Automation has increased thanks to BMP technology which has gradually become more convenient in just the past few months, helping countless businesses survive the tough times. But why?

Automation allows businesses to make better use of resources because it helps to perform tedious, repetitive tasks. This allows employees to focus on the more important aspects of the business. This also eliminates human resources for paperwork and manual roles.

While it is true that the process of automated and hyper-automated digital transformation will cost more, businesses can easily do it with affordable No-code platforms available in the market.

Either way, using technology instead of people will still be less costly and more effective.

Digital Operations and Workflows

Hundreds of operational decisions and workflows are re-established every day, every week, or at least every month. Enterprises need to digitize the operating models that are being applied to serve a flexible working environment to optimize operational efficiency by increasing operational supply chains, thereby optimizing inventory. warehouse and production processes.

Process Automation allows everything to be done in minutes or hours. It aligns the end-to-end visibility, which is essential to identify process redundancies and immediately respond to changes in demand and minimize disruptions in the workflow. motion.

As noted above, the processes you need to automate today to improve digital transformation run your organization and workflow.

Digitize the customer experience

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses have lost the opportunity to interact directly with customers. Face-to-face communication extends personal relationships between businesses and customers – from service industries like education to banking and finance, to business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-business (B2B) relationships. business to customer (B2C).

To create face-to-face interactions in the digital workplace, businesses need to think about their digital transformation business strategies in a way that helps create the most perfect customer experience. And again, to rapidly innovate and come up with innovative initiatives that replace the in-person experience, automating customer contact and providing digital services is the way to go. respectable.

A digital experience platform will allow that. It brings businesses to consumers through a series of activities from finding customers to building a loyal customer system. A digital experience platform that re-aligns customer experience building efforts to fit digital channels while ensuring product, service, and process integration. For example, thanks to digitizing customer experience, businesses can come up with appropriate marketing plans such as opening many promotions with discount codes and coupons to attract customers. Thereby bringing comfort to customers and increasing the level of satisfaction. As a result, businesses can build and maintain long-term relationships with customers.

Modernization using No-code and Low-code and driving results

Combining goals means applying many new technologies to keep up with the times and produce desired results. No-code application development helps to achieve the speed and efficiency to run a new digital business strategy. As businesses increasingly push the direction of doing business on online channels, the need to use automation is increasing, from inventorying goods to managing the transportation process as well as boosting efficiency. capacity on a large scale.

The goal here is to ensure a quick approach and produce results. And the No-code app allows that. It eases the impact of the pandemic’s disruptions by improving work environments, establishing automation, improving worker safety, promoting efficiency, and increasing productivity. improve organizational quality.


Business digitization is the future trend, businesses need to seize the opportunity to develop. The above article is the solution to help promote digital in business, I hope it will be useful for your business. Good luck.



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