5 kinds of Contents Now Omitted By Google Discover

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Google Discover update to omitted five kinds of content from showing. For reducing confusion for users Google Discover ban satirical and other four types of videos and articles without any context.

Google Discover in a nutshell

Google Discover is a mobile version feature of the Google app which shows automated picked content for a single user. In September 2018, Google Discover was first time launched.

This feature is slightly different from a normal google search. There is no need to query anything for the user. This mobile experience discovers for users that they don’t even know that they want to see them.

Google Discover is a smart tool that knows what users want to see. It takes the user’s web search history, activity on the device, and some other factors. Analyzing them it concludes a list of user choice and it brings the appropriate contents for him on the feed. Search results continuously change according to user activity and preferences.

Google users can restrain if they want to exclude any kind of content.

Google Discover describes itself on the Googles Support platform:

“With Discover, you can get updates for your interests, like your favorite sports team or news site, without searching for them. You can choose the types of updates you want to see in Discover in the Google app or when you’re browsing the web on your phone.”

What changed in Google Discover 2021

On April 08 2021 Google updated its developer support webpage which let’s know the content creators that how to get more traffic from Google Discover. It also acts as a helping hand for publishers that what they should do or not do.

The webpage about Google Discover had extra para of content added to it to explain a recent change to the kinds of results that will not show in Discover.

On the Google Developers platform, Google Search Central Discover add an extra paragraph that we include below in this article:

“To deliver a good user experience, Discover seeks to present content that’s suitable for interest-based feeds, such as articles and videos, as well as filter out content that’s not desired or that might confuse readers. For example, Discover might not recommend job applications, petitions, forms, code repositories, or satirical content without any context.”

In the above paragraph, five examples are strictly prohibited. They are

  1. Job applications
  2. Petitions
  3. Forms
  4. Code Repositories
  5. Satirical content

Explanation of Google Discover new changes in 2021

Google Discover makes a step for avoiding false news and rumors. A good user experience is depending on what they are seeing.

A user gets the wrong news and later finds out that it is fake then it is not good. This is bad for both user experience and society for a big scenario.

In this sense, Google decides to exclude the top five uncertain topics. These topics are clearly can not find out that they are true or false.

Satirical content like roastings is excluded from Google Discover. Normally roasting content is not liked by users. These contents are not getting traffic from a certain day. People cannot understand the news is real or not. It makes problem to decide the right information for users.

Satire contents usually make for well-known public figures. Especially politicians, popular celebrities, and trends. These kinds of content can easily contradict real news. Sometimes they create tremendous rumors.

Posted jobs also cannot find out real or fake. Some scammers post random fake job offers to target some specific community. These posts are easily getting traffic from the targeted community. People get scammed sometimes from these job posts.

False-positive effects for Google Discover update

Usually, when Google makes an update there some sites lose ranking and traffic. Because these sites get caught by the new update. These cases are known as False Positives.

A new algorithm update instructs google to remove sites from showing as results. In these times there could mistake Google. Sometimes Google shows incorrect results instead of the correct ones. That’s means False Positives happen.

Since Google Discover makes an update thus there could be some False Positives also.

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